Co piszą o nas na innych blogach ? (12.XI.2011)
Written by Jacek Gabryś   
Saturday, 12 November 2011

Polski ginekolog najlepszym towarem eksportowym 4-tej RP!

   Zapoznana na szlaku do ABC kobieta z Kanady rozpływa się w pochwałach na temat polskiej służy zdrowia, reprezentowanej w Himalajach przez Marcina, alias Zenek Smetana.

   Najciekawsze fragmenty, dzięi którym Polski Hydraulik odchodzi do lamusa. Teraz mamy Polskiego Ginekologa ;)


"(...) We all gathered with 6 Polish travellers and Geeke (Holland) for an evening of cards, playing everything from “The Game with No Name” to a violent series of “Snap” matches. There were hands slapping all over the place, drinks spilling, and uproarious laughter that surely kept the condors up well into the night. I was fortunate to be sitting beside Martin, the Polish gynaecologist with a first aid kit from the gods. In all seriousness, he saved my trek, because I was well on the way to finding a helipad the next morning. It really was that bad, and my anxiety came from realizing that the only place for a helicopter to land was at Machapucchre Base Camp (MBC), our next trekking destination several hours uphill. Martin’s amazing stash of heavy-duty painkillers coursed through my body for the next 3 days, and while I risked further injury, I trusted my body could hack it. 

After a completely sleepless night that even a sleeping pill did not remedy, we headed out at 6 AM to secure lodging at MBC. I remember very little of the 5.5 hour trek, as I was preoccupied with my hip, albeit doggedly determined. We found a room, and I saved a spot for Geeke. When I saw Martin arrive, it was all I could do not to throw my arms around him to thank him for his magic potions. Instead, I was more appropriate and took his picture

Honestly, what are the odds of meeting a Polish gynaecologist at 3200 metres, who just happened to be kind enough to share his painkilling elixir with me. (...)"

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