Go! (4.X.2012)
Written by Jacek Gabryś   
Thursday, 04 October 2012

   No to startujemy! Wprawdzie nie ma czasu na odwiedziny w konsulacie, ale żyjemy nadzieją, żę na granicy też to pismo się spodoba....

13.05 - 16.30 Warszawa - Istambuł 

23.05 - 2.15 Istambuł - Teheran

Dear Mr./ Mrs. JACEK  MACIEJ GABRYS  With reference to your visa application No xxxxx-1000208742 , we are glad to inform you that your request is approved under No. 9727xx.  . After 3 working days of receiving this approval , please approach in person the Iranian Embassy / General Consulate in WARSAW .  and collect your required visa . Best regards,M.F.A / Passport and Visa Office

Dear Mr./ Mrs. ALEKSANDER ANDRZEJ ZON  With reference ....

Dear Mr./ Mrs. ANDRZEJ KRZANOWSKI With reference....

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